Come to me my little dove

When shame and guilt pull you down
Don’t hesitate and run to me!
When frustration and anger raise a sound
Don’t hide but come to me!
Please, take a step in my direction
When you feel scared, without protection.
I am here. Just come to me!
When pain and grief paralyze you in inaction
Then turn to me and my affection!
I am here to cover your weakness
breathing life to your sickness
I am not repelled by your ugly
In my sight, you are always lovely!
Do not hide from me, my dear,
take a step forward and draw near
to my open arms and all-consuming love
to your resting place, oh my little dove!

I am here to cover your weakness, breathing life to your sickness. I am not repelled by your ugly, in my sight you are always lovely!


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