How to Succeed on the Quest for Glory

the quest for glory

The quest for glory, greatness, value, significance, meaning, identity and eternal life is a fundamental longing. This is the primary desire and need of every person. God, Himself has inserted this longing. Therefore, He is the only one who can fill this gap and provide for that need. This provision is in the center of His awesome plan to share His Life and nature through Christ in us – our hope of glory. Continue reading “How to Succeed on the Quest for Glory”

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The Best Anti-stress Therapy

anti-stress therapy

Perhaps the greatest plague for and mental and physical wellbeing is the daily stress. The human body is designed to handle periods of stress followed by a period of restoration to the normal state. It is problematic to live in a state of chronic anxiety even when there is no external stress factor. What is God’s anti-stress therapy to overcome stress? Continue reading “The Best Anti-stress Therapy”

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3 Principles of Living and Growing by Faith

living by faith

The opening of the way of faith and learning to walk in this way is, of course, only the beginning. The goal is a steady living by faith when faith is constantly growing and being perfected.  In this way faith becomes a major motivation and driving force. Only then we can fully achieve and experience God’s specific purposes and plans for our lives.  Thus we can fulfill completely what we are created for.

Continue reading “3 Principles of Living and Growing by Faith”

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