Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome

disappointment and discouragement

There is no living man who has not experienced the bitterness of disappointment, and his brother’s dark shadow – the discouragement. We all experience brief moments of disappointment and depression, but sometimes it becomes a permanent, highly destructive mental state. The disappointment is a state of embitterment and the most common cause of discouragement. Very often they go hand-in-hand and intertwine. Continue reading “Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome”

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The Best Anti-stress Therapy

anti-stress therapy

Perhaps the greatest plague for and mental and physical wellbeing is the daily stress. The human body is designed to handle periods of stress followed by a period of restoration to the normal state. It is problematic to live in a state of chronic anxiety even when there is no external stress factor. What is God’s anti-stress therapy to overcome stress? Continue reading “The Best Anti-stress Therapy”

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