How to Аvoid the Deception of Compromising

the deception of compromising

There is a great deception that blurs our eyes. And it prevents us from living according to our true identity as God’s children. This is the deception of compromising or the middle ground. This deception is rooted in the lie that we can live simultaneously under the leadership of two different masters. Or that at the same time we can to observe the laws of two different kingdoms. Continue reading “How to Аvoid the Deception of Compromising”

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Do You Suffer from Destructive Thinking?

destructive thinking

Our thoughts determine our lifestyle. Many people suffer from destructive thinking. That’s why the Bible emphasized the renewing the mind, the re-programming of our thinking very strongly. It is the primary way of recovery, healing and a lifestyle filled with satisfaction and joy. The renewal of the mind has two components.

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3 Principles of Living and Growing by Faith

living by faith

The opening of the way of faith and learning to walk in this way is, of course, only the beginning. The goal is a steady living by faith when faith is constantly growing and being perfected.  In this way faith becomes a major motivation and driving force. Only then we can fully achieve and experience God’s specific purposes and plans for our lives.  Thus we can fulfill completely what we are created for.

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