Hadassah Treu is an award-winning Christian blogger, author, and poet, the Encouraging Blogger Award Winner for 2020. She loves to encourage and motivate people to stand firm in the faith, and to grow spiritually by applying biblical truths in their lives. She loves diving deeper into the Word of God and finding hidden treasures.

Hadassah is a regular contributor to the faith-based platforms Devotable and Blessed Transgressions, a COMPEL Training Freelancing Community Group leader; COMPEL Blog writer, and Blogger Voices Network contributor. She has been featured on (In)courage, Living by Design Ministries, Thoughts About God, and other popular sites. Hadassah is also a contributing author to several devotional and poetry anthologies.

Hadassah is no stranger to suffering and losses. From the platform of her greatest pains equipped with lessons gathered on the way, she delivers a powerful message of comfort and hope, found in God’s Word.

Speaking Topics

Hadassah can be booked as a speaker in English, Bulgarian or German on topics she features on her blog like:

  • Finding hope and comfort in God’s Word;
  • Overcoming discouragement and hopelessness;
  • How to navigate transitions;
  • How to deal with anxiety;
  • How to stand firm in faith;
  • Suffering, adversity, and spiritual growth;
  • Any other topic featured on her blog.

For speaking opportunities for your Bible Study Group, conference, or other Christian events, please contact her here.


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