Welcome to the section of my blog “Resources to Keep the Faith”. Let’s face it! It is not easy to keep the faith. The pressures of life, the unexpected turns and unwanted changes make it challenging to persevere in the life of faith. We need daily encouragement and inspiration to keep on walking on the way of faith, truth, and love.

Resources to Keep the Faith

Here you can find resources to keep the faith and be encouraged daily! You have instant access to helpful and inspiring printables, poems, and other resources. I am sharing my recommendations for books, Bible studies, devotionals, and everything I found useful in my journey.

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Resources to Keep the Faith and Grow Spiritually


Here you can find resources to help you stay focused and grow your faith in specific areas of struggle by reading, reflecting, and meditating on the truths in God’s Word.


“More than a Father” in Thoughts About God

Restoration” in Awake Our Hearts

“I Adore You” in Agape Review

“My Sorrows” in Agape Review


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The Book of Comforts

In this “Book of Comforts” you’ll find comfort when you struggle with unmet expectations, disillusionment in faith, when you are in a season of pain, when your hope diminishes, when life gets hard, and much more. Reflection questions and a guided prayer follow each devotion.

How to Find the Courage and Strength Your Heart Craves

A devotional to help you find new courage and strength in different challenging life situations, containing devotions, focusing on 7 major areas of life, selected scripture, and scripture-based prayer after each devotion.

How to Find the Strength and Courage Your Heart Craves

A Testimony of Voices: 100 Devotionals Rising as One

A Testimony of Voices is a collection of devotionals by writers from all different backgrounds, uniting together as one voice to declare the goodness of God and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

A Movement of Hearts: 100 Devotionals Beating as One

A Movement of Hearts is a collection of devotionals by writers from all different backgrounds, uniting together as one heart to declare the goodness of God and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Pandemic Devotionals: How the World Overcame Fear with Faith

I am happy and honored to be part of this beautiful anthology of stories collected during 2020 and 2021 aftermath of a virus that brought the world to its knees. However, in the chaos and confusion, God remains a tower of unchanging strength.  This book is very special to me too because it is dedicated to the loving memory of my husband.

Pandemic Devotionals

Kissing Guilt Goodbye Devotional Anthology

Kissing Guilt Goodbye is a collection of devotionals that will help you overcome your feelings of guilt and find a confident victory in God’s love, goodness, and favor.

Kissing Guilt Goodbye Anthology

Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear: 30 Devotions to Battle Fear and Anxiety

Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear is a 30 day devotional helping you overcome fear and anxiety. Learn what God’s word has to say about these powerful emotions.

Equality – Created Equal in His Image

This 16-week devotional and journal is a resource for ushering our families into conversations about equality and diversity. Check up my interview with the publisher here.

Equality Devotional And Journal

Christmas with Jesus: 25 Devotions for December

This short devotional contains 25 devotions for December from various authors who love Jesus just as much as you do. Take a step back this year and spend a few moments with your Savoir each day in Christmas with Jesus.

Faith Talk: Christian Women & The Gospel

A beautiful anthology designed to bring real Christian women alongside readers to help them see the gospel at work in their lives – whether that’s for the first time or the ten-thousandth time.

The Unity Book: ‘Overcoming’

An e-anthology of poems compiled by PoetryHost to encourage and inspire you in your faith walk.

The Unity Book: ‘Overcoming’

Poetry Book in Bulgarian

My first poetry book contains encouraging, motivating and inspiring meditations on eternity, faith, sorrow and hope. For all that search for another perspective, meaning and purpose in hardship and trials.

poetry book zalog za drug jivot


My next project is a Christian nonfiction book with the working title “Draw Near: How to Find Comfort and Strength by Interpreting Your Suffering”.


7 Scripture-based Prayers Booklet

Do you struggle to find the right words or any words when you pray? This FREE booklet contains 7 guided scripture-based prayers to help you and motivate you in your prayer life.

7 Scripture-based Prayers Cover

Committing to Your Calling in 10 Days Workbook

This FREE workbook will guide you step-by-step through the process of commitment through actionable steps, Scripture, questions, guided prayers, and declarations. Additionally, you will find inside two beautiful wall art prints with inspirational quotes.

Committing to Your Calling in 10 Days

How to Overcome Disappointment and Discouragement E-book

This FREE e-book will help you in overcoming disappointment and discouragement by changing your thinking with Biblical truths and growing your faith.

How to Overcome Disappointment_E-book


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