Disciplining Our Minds in Difficult Times

Disciplining our minds in difficult times

With this unprecedented pandemic, we need more than ever the art of disciplining our minds in difficult times. Thoughts have consequences. They affect our mental and emotional health.  Not only our current thoughts but also our belief systems play a crucial role in our well-being and stability.  When the crisis hit, it exposes and challenges our beliefs. Is our house built on sand or on a Rock?

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How to Get Unstuck and Start Walking Again – 3 Steps

how to get unstuck

Very often we feel stuck in our faith journey and don’t know how to get unstuck and start walking again. We have not thought it would take so long and would be so difficult. We struggle with a problem or a situation for a long time, and we still don’t have a solution. It seems we are going in circles, and we don’t see the progress we want so much.

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Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome

disappointment and discouragement

There is no living man who has not experienced the bitterness of disappointment, and his brother’s dark shadow – the discouragement. We all experience brief moments of disappointment and depression, but sometimes it becomes a permanent, highly destructive mental state. The disappointment is a state of embitterment and the most common cause of discouragement. Very often they go hand-in-hand and intertwine. Continue reading “Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome”