My Story of Answered Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Do you pray for your marriage? I did and I still do. I want to encourage you and share my testimony of answered prayer for marriage restoration. It is a long journey of faith, dying to self, perseverance, patience, and learning to trust Gods promises more than we trust our circumstances.

I am honored to share my testimony of answered prayer for marriage restoration at All Round Jesus today.

My story of answered prayer for marriage restoration

My journey to marriage restoration began with prayer, and the decision to seek God for restoration and to put my trust and hope in His Word and promises. Very soon it became clear to me that if I wanted a change in my husband and marriage, I needed first to allow God to change me. I passed through a prolonged season of healing and waiting during which the boundaries of my faith were stretched and tested. I was learning to hold on and persevere despite the discouraging circumstances. However, God has been faithful, and He answered my prayer for marriage restoration. 

Below is a sneak peek and I hope you will head over to All Round Jesus to read the rest and learn how God answered my prayer for marriage restoration. 

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My story of answered prayer for marriage restoration

This was just one of many nights when I was lying in bed awake, tears streaming down my face. I heard the breathing of my husband in his corner of the bed, peacefully sleeping, not aware of my pain. It’s not supposed to be this way, I thought. Marriage is not supposed to be this way.

I remembered the wonderful and promising start of our love and marriage. Then after the death of my mother-in-law, the fabric of our relationship changed. My husband fell into the pit of depression, starting to add layers of isolation to his soul and body. Then another crisis hit. I wanted to have children but felt that we were on different pages, far away in our worlds. Month after month the alienation deepened. I felt alone, abandoned and rejected as a wife and a woman. I was devastated and desperate. Bitterness, anger, and resentment were filling my heart. Quarrels or cold silence ruled our days. Our marriage was dying.  But God… 

The first answer to my prayer for marriage restoration

I started to seek God intensely and pour out my heart to Him, praying that He restores my marriage and my husband. My husband was not a believer, so this spiritual gap between us was also a source of sadness and anguish. I developed the daily habit to read and study the Bible, journaling verses and my thoughts and prayers, listening to the specific message of the Holy Spirit. In my deepest anguish of an abandoned woman, God spoke to me with Isaiah chapter 54.

Read the rest of the post at All Round Jesus and be strengthened and encouraged.

Your turn

Do you pray for marriage restoration? How did God answer you? Come share your experience in the comments and let’s help and encourage each other.

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11 Replies to “My Story of Answered Prayer for Marriage Restoration”

  1. Thanks for showing that restoration has to start with me. I was recently divorced but do not believe that is Gods will for my family. He is a God of marriages and families. I pray for the change to start in me and that God will restore my family.

    1. Thanks for sharing about your divorce, Jennifer! That must be heartbreaking and overwhelming. I am praying for you – for healing, for strengthening and for restoration! And for hope and future! Lean on Him, friend!

  2. Thank you for giving me hope for my marriage. Please stand in agreement with me for my marriage to be restored.

    1. Thank you, Allison! I pray for you and for the restoration of your marriage! I pray that God breathes fresh hope and gives you clear vision and perspective, and endurance to hold to this vision!

  3. I am in a season of praying for restoration. It’s been 6 months. The most painful season of my life after 22 years of marriage. Please pray with me that God will be glorified by a blessed, renewed marriage.

    1. Crystal, thank you for sharing this with me! I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult period. I know how devastating this can be. I am praying that God draws you and your husband to Him and to each other and brings lasting healing and transformation.

  4. Hi Hadassah,
    Thank you for allowing me feature your testimony on The King’s Diadem. Your story is a blessing and an encouragement that all things are possible to those that believe.

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