5 Characteristics of Blogging as a Ministry

Do you wonder what are the characteristics of blogging as a ministry?

Here is a sneak peek of my guest post for COMPEL Training Blog about the 5 characteristics of blogging as a ministry.

Do you remember the first time you felt God’s call to start blogging and writing for His glory as a Christian blogger? Did He give you a specific word or a message, or perhaps He talked to you through people? 

Blogging as a Ministry

God’s invitation to start blogging was a process in my life. God talked to me through His Word, forming my identity as a writer, preacher, and poet. I treasured every specific word and its interpretation and wrote them down in a special notebook.

And then a day came when, while I was reading a blog post, God used a couple of sentences in this post to tell me clearly and without a doubt that I should start a blogging ministry. Yes, a ministry. From the beginning, it was clear this was not just writing, and it was not about me. It was initiated by God, meant to be carried through His power and for His glory, to encourage and inspire people.  

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5 Characteristics of Blogging as a Ministry

So what are the characteristics of faith blogging as a ministry, and what does that mean for our writing journey? I want to share with you five prerequisites and characteristics of the blogging ministry.  

The first characteristic is that blogging and writing, in general, are initiated by God. He issues a specific call and invitation. He is the One starting the ministry, entrusting it to us, and providing for the success of this ministry. This is His ministry through us. 

    Read the rest of the post to find out the five characteristics of blogging as a ministry at COMPEL Training Blog and be strengthened and encouraged.

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    Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

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    Your Turn

    Which of these characteristics of blogging as a ministry are the most encouraging to you, and why? Share in the comments and on social media if you found this article helpful. Thank you!

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    10 Replies to “5 Characteristics of Blogging as a Ministry”

    1. Blogging/Writing really is a ministry initiated by God. It is a very humbling process to sit at His feet, then follow His lead in writing. Thank you for these five encouragements to keep first things first.

      1. Thanks a lot, Lisa! Yes, it is a wonderful and humbling process. Blessings to you and your blogging ministry!

    2. Yes, I absolutely believe you are right. I had no intention of starting a blog, but I felt compelled!! The LORD led me into this particular ministry at this particular time. What a blessing. I like how you outlined these characteristics.

      1. Thanks for sharing, Gina! You are right – blogging as a ministry requires that we stay connected to God through prayer and wait for His timing. Blessings!

    3. I agree that blogging as a ministry is a calling by God. Even if a blog isn’t specifically about faith, it can be used to lift up and encourage others. Blogging is a great way to connect with people. Thank you for sharing your 5 characteristics of blogging as a ministry.

      1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I am so happy that blogging connected us! I enjoy very much your encouraging blog and helpful posts!

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