My Journey to Freedom from Panic Attacks

Have you struggled with panic attacks? I did. The journey to freedom from panic attacks has been a long one. It takes time, patience and putting faith into practice.

I am honored to share my journey to freedom from panic attacks at today.

My Journey to Freedom from Panic Attacks

My journey to freedom from panic attacks has begun with the decision to cry out to God for healing and then to put my trust and hope in His Word and promises. God has been faithful. He has brought me on the other side of the raging sea, transformed, humbled and ready to begin a new chapter. 

I have learned so many valuable lessons on this journey to freedom I want to share with you. The most important truth to lean on for all who struggle with panic attacks is that what is not possible for us is possible with God. He is able and willing to set us free, to heal and give us peace. Surrendered in God’s hands our suffering is not in vain. It is a door to hope and restoration.

Below is a sneak peek and I hope you will head over to to read the rest and learn what are the steps leading to freedom from panic attacks.

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my journey to freedom from panic attacks

When I experienced panic attacks for the first time, I felt I was dying because of the complete loss of control over my reactions. The fear of death, the terror from losing control and the fear of the next panic attack are the deadly companions of this queen of terrors – the panic attack. How can you gain freedom from panic attacks? In Christ, God gives us hope and a path to freedom and healing.

Panic Attacks – Identifying the Monster

I have experienced several intensive panic attacks in the summer of 2014. Not knowing what the problem was, added additional fuel to the panic attacks. I cried to the Lord in utter desperation and one day the phrase “panic attack” came to my mind. A doctor later confirmed this diagnosis. Now I knew who the hidden monster was. Naming and identifying my tormentor brought the first measure of freedom.

Read the rest of the post at and be strengthened and encouraged.

Your Turn

Have you struggled with panic attacks? Come share your experience in the comments and let’s help and encourage each other.

Free Printable

I’ve created a printable with Bible verses against panic attacks specifically for you. Click to view, print, or download. Enjoy! 

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2 Replies to “My Journey to Freedom from Panic Attacks”

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Hadassah! Heading over to Kelly’s place to finish reading. This is such a common struggle for so many, and your encouraging words will surely bless others!

    1. Thank you, Stacey! I hope that sharing my journey will bring comfort and hope to many who struggle with panic and anxiety attacks!

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