Overcome the Fear of the Unknown – 5 Strategies

overcome the fear of the unknown

How can we overcome the fear of the unknown? We want and pray for change – to start a new career, to restore a relationship, to learn a new skill, to write a book, to heal. The fulfillment of our goals, desires and God’s promises means change and venturing into the unknown. Often, what holds us back and is our greatest enemy is the fear of the unknown.

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Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome

disappointment and discouragement

There is no living man who has not experienced the bitterness of disappointment, and his brother’s dark shadow – the discouragement. We all experience brief moments of disappointment and depression, but sometimes it becomes a permanent, highly destructive mental state. The disappointment is a state of embitterment and the most common cause of discouragement. Very often they go hand-in-hand and intertwine. Continue reading “Disappointment and Discouragement – 6 Steps to Overcome”