Seriously Write: The Transforming Blow of a Rejection

How do you handle rejection in your work and ministry? See what happens when God brings transformation through rejection in the story I shared on Seriously Write – a platform for encouraging and equipping Christian writers along their writing journey.

“I did it! I just hit the “send” button to the e-mail, delivering my first manuscript to the publisher. The next two weeks I spent eagerly waiting for a positive reply, convinced that since I have the calling and the talent to write, then it would be easy. I was confident in my abilities and excellence.

When I received the publisher’s negative response two weeks later, it hit me like a bomb. The rejection blasted my carefully constructed palace of expectations and plans of how my writing career would develop.

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Seriously Write - The Transforming Blow of a Rejection

I needed time and God’s power to pick up and clear the debris of wrong assumptions, expectations and attitude.

In bits and pieces, God started to highlight some of my wrong beliefs.”

To read the rest of the story visit Seriously Write! Get some encouragement and inspiration!

In God’s hands, rejection is part of our preparation. It is an effective tool to expose and purify our motivation, to refine our character and perfect our faith. #faith #writerslife #SeriouslyWrite
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