How to Live in the Rhythm of God’s Love

The rhythm of life is change and development, itineration and returning. From our conception and birth, we constantly go through different phases of going in and going out. The fear of change, of the unknown and of the future are varieties of the fear of life. We can live our lives either in the rhythm of fear or in the rhythm of God’s love.

The rhythm of fear prompts us, on one hand, to control and manipulate people and circumstances to ensure the desired safety and security. And, on the other hand, to adopt a passive attitude, unwilling to take on our personal responsibility to live the life we are created for.

In the rhythm of God’s love

The life for which every human being is created is life following God, in God, and with God. It is a life of getting to know God’s personality, revealed in His Word and manifested in the face of Christ. This is a life of discovery and building a relationship of close friendship and love with God. This is a life in which we are free to be ourselves and to follow God in the unknown before us, in the new territories and lands in which He leads us. We can live this life of overcoming without fear in the rhythm of God’s love when we follow Him and let Him lead our going out, passing through and going in.

We can live without fear in the rhythm of God's love when we follow Him and let Him lead our going out, passing through and going in. #God #BibleTeaching #Love #bgbg2

Bringing out, through and bringing into

Psalm 136 is a wonderful illustration and revelation of God, Who bring us out of the land of bondage, Who bring us through the dangers of the way, and Who brings us into our inheritance – in the best place for us. The Psalmist gives praise and glory to God for all that He is and what He does, but the center is God’s eternal love, grace, and kindness. “Praise the Lord, for he is good, for His mercy endures forever.” (v. 1) The word “mercy” in Hebrew refers to God’s covenant love, which does not change and which is eternal. This love is the eternal foundation and root of every person who has decided to believe and trust it.

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How to Live in Rhythm of God’s Love

God reveals His personality in this psalm with many names and attributes that characterize Him. These characteristics strengthen, stabilize and perfect our faith and trust in Him during our lifetime. They help us move in the rhythm of God’s love.

Supreme Ruler and Creator Who Works Wonders

In the first verses, God reveals Himself as God of gods and Lord of lords. (Psalm 136:2-3) This is a very strong assurance for us that He Who has loved us with eternal love has and exercises complete authority over creation. He has the ultimate power and absolute sovereignty. There is no one above Him. He determines the beginning, the process, and the end, and He has the final word.

The third revealed quality is the One Who alone does great wonders (Psalm 136:4) How inspiring and encouraging to understand and believe that God is the God of miracles and wonders! That there is nothing impossible for Him and that there is nothing impossible for those who choose to put their trust in Him.

God’s wonders and divine order are evident when we look at the creation. God reveals Himself as the Creator of everything visible and invisible and of the laws governing the universe (Psalm 136:5-9). The material world, the universe, the human body, and organism are still an unrevealed mystery to this day. But even the little revealed by the scientists so far point to an unimaginably complex, intricate and incredible design! If the creation fills us with such awe and admiration, how much more is due to the Creator!

Warrior, Deliverer, Savior, Redeemer

How humbling and amazing is to understand that this wise and omnipotent God, whose mind is unsearchable, wishes to personally participate in our lives. God is neither a tyrant nor a manipulator. He will never force our free will with which he has created us. He wants us to get to know Him on a deep, personal level and to trust Him. To let Him take the steering wheel and to fight for us so He can deliver us from that which is stronger than we are and holds us in captivity. It is He Who strikes our enemies down with a mighty hand and brings us out of the house of slavery. (Psalm 136: 10-12)

It is He Who subdues the enemies of our souls under our feet – fears, doubts, worries, pride, addictions, bitterness, rejection, insults, jealousy, sin, unbelief, sickness, and infirmity… He is our Deliverer, Redeemer, and Savior from the law of sin and death, from which we can not free ourselves. „Because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:2).

Who leads us through, Waymaker, Avenger, Defender

God is the One Who leads and bring us through. (Psalm 136:14,16) He covers our way from point A to point B. He does not leave us once brought out from the pit. On the contrary, He leads us from freedom to freedom, from glory to glory and strength to strength, until we reach our designated destination. Very often the road is dangerous, full of hopeless and insurmountable situations, going through a desert. But let us not forget Who is leading us. He will divide the sea for us to pass dry and safe. (Psalm 136:15) God will make a way where there is no way.

He leads us in the rhythm of God’s love. He will protect us and avenge us. When we entrust our cause to Him as our Defender, we can be sure that our enemies are doomed, however dreadful and terrible they are. (Psalm 136:17-20)

Who brings us into, Provider, benevolent Giver

God brings us out in order to bring is into. He is the One Who brings us into and gives us an inheritance. (Psalm 136:21-22) He gives us to possess and live freely in the territories that have been ruled by our strong enemies. He gives us to possess territories in our soul – thoughts, emotions, decisions; gives us new and restored relationships; and builds, expands and strengthens the walls of our lives. He satisfies our souls and gives us hope and a future. God breaks the walls of our prisons and brings us in our land, where we can run free and fearless and live the abundant life for which He has created us.

Let us rest with confidence in Him as our everlasting Provider and benevolent Giver from the beginning to the end. (Psalm 136:25-26) Let us rest in Him as our habitation and eternal inheritance. And let Him lead our coming and going in the rhythm of God’s love through the great adventure called human life.

Your turn

Which is your biggest fear? With which of God’s names mentioned in the post can you confront your fear? You are welcome to share and comment!

We can live our lives either in the rhythm of fear or in the rhythm of God's love. #Love #Faith #BibleTeaching #ChristianLiving #bgbg2



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  1. When we realize how much God loves us is when we can life without any worries or fears because we know that no matter what happens Our Daddy God will take care of us. This is The God that the people of this world needs. Love your post!

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