Learning to See God’s Blessings in the Darkness

Are you learning to see God’s blessings in the darkness? How can we train ourselves to look for God’s blessings and celebrate them in the dark valleys of life?

Here is a sneak peek of my guest post at Serenity in Suffering about how to see and celebrate God’s blessings in the darkness of pain and adversity.

The Darkness of Pain and Adversity

Each of us soon or later passes through a dark valley. It can be just a quick passage, but it can also be a lengthy period of life.

A dark valley is a period or situation in our life in which we experience pain (physical and/or emotional), and intense adversity (external and internal). We feel pain and anguish because usually, we are going through a painful experience. Such experience can be the loss of something we value, or struggle with rejection, disappointment, doubt, anger, loneliness, and failure.

In the darkness of pain and adversity, it’s hard to see our path and the right direction, and we often don’t feel God’s love and goodness. We doubt God, His plan, and His actions. Perhaps we even find it difficult to trust Him and follow Him without reserves.

The dark valleys of life are often valleys of death: the death of things, relationships, and people we deeply treasure.

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In the darkness of pain and adversity, we often don't feel God's love and goodness and find it difficult to trust Him completely. @serenityinsuff1 #suffering #encouragement #trustGod Click To Tweet

God Wants to Bless Us in the Darkness

To look for, find, and celebrate God’s blessings in the dark valleys of life, we need to have the right perspective and stay grounded in truth. 

There are 3 fundamental truths we need to wrap our minds and hearts around if we want to train ourselves to “see” and celebrate God’s blessing when it hurts.

Read the rest of the post at Serenity in Suffering and be strengthened and encouraged.

A Powerful Resource to Comfort You in Your Dark Seasons

In this “Book of Comforts” you’ll find comfort when you struggle with unmet expectations, disillusionment in faith, when you are in a season of pain, when your hope diminishes, when life gets hard, and much more. Reflection questions and a guided prayer follow each devotion.

The Book of Comforts

More Encouragement for You

If you need more resources and encouragement to strengthen your faith and help you see God’s goodness in love when life is hard, I highly recommend these books. Check them out.

Draw Near: How Painful Experiences Become the Birthplace of Blessings by Hadassah Treu

Mining for God’s Gold in Life’s Dark Valleys by Margaret E. Head

Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear: 30 Devotions to Battle Fear and Anxiety by Devotable

Before You Quit: Everyday Endurance, Moral Courage, and the Quest for Purpose by Doug Gehman

Trusting God in All the Things: 90 Devotions for Finding Peace in Your Every Day by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk

Women of Courage: A 40-Day Devotional by (In)Courage

Make Up Your Mind: Unlock Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life by Denise Dubois Pass and Michelle Nietert

Transforming Your Thought Life  by Sarah Geringer

Life Can Be Good Again by Lisa Appelo

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lisa Terkeurst

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Your Turn

What blessings can you see in your dark valley right now? Share in the comments and on social media if you found this article helpful. Thank you!

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Here are 3 fundamental truths to lean on if we want to learn how to see and celebrate God's blessings in the darkness. @serenityinsuff1 #truth #blessings #encouragement Click To Tweet

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10 Replies to “Learning to See God’s Blessings in the Darkness”

  1. This year has been a very difficult year for my family. We’ve had lots of illness, death, and sadness. Thank you for the reminder and lessons on learning to see God’s blessings in the darkness.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Debbie! I am so sorry you needed to go through such a painful period. May God continue to give you strength and comfort and fill your heart with His joy and peace.

  2. Thank you for this post about learning to see God’s blessings in the darkness. It is so true that the right perspective makes all of the difference. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Even when things look bleak, we are not alone, and that is definitely a blessing.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! The problem is that sometimes it is not easy to keep this perspective and we need constant reminders. Blessings to you, friend!

  3. Awesome post, friend! I wish I had really understood that adversity is the key to growth and maturity years ago! This is so full of truth and encouragement!

    1. Thanks so much, dear friend! Yes, when we are in the middle of pain and adversity, it is difficult to have this growth mindset. But this is exactly what happens when we cling to Jesus and allow Him to shape our hearts in our suffering.

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