How to Become Godly Leaders as God’s Friends

How can we become godly leaders as God’s friends?

Have you considered the true basis for developing leadership skills in our Christian lives and ministries?

In Job chapter 29, we find a surprising answer pointing us to the intimate friendship and fellowship Job had with God that shaped him as a leader in his community.

When we think of the biblical character of Job, we mainly connect him with the enormous suffering and tragedy he endured. We see him as an example of a person of faith who successfully endured a fiery trial and kept his faith until the end.

How to Become Godly Leaders as God’s Friends

However, there is another aspect of Job’s personality–that of a godly leader in his community.

We find a lot of aspects of this personality and a set of leadership skills, beautifully described in Job chapter 29. This chapter contains not just Job’s final claim of innocence, but also gives us a detailed picture of the set of leadership skills Job developed as a friend of God.

Job had a precious treasure. There was a stable and unshakable foundation in his life. Everything in his life stemmed from this treasure: “God’s friendship that rested on his tent“. (Job 29:4)

God’s friendship for Job meant being under God’s protection, walking in His light, and enjoying His favor and abundant blessings. (Job 29:2-6)

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7 Leadership Skills We Develop as God’s Friends

God’s friendship had such a profound effect on Job’s life that it influenced and fueled his private and public behavior, shaping him as a godly leader and example. He was a deeply respected leader whose words mattered in the local government.

“When they heard me, they blessed me, and when they saw me, they spoke well of me. (Job 29: 11)

The community highly respected Job because he exhibited these 7 leadership skills stemming from his intimate friendship with God.

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#1 Supporting the Weak and Vulnerable

The first leadership skill Job exhibited was loving his neighbor. He showed this love in his selfless support for the weak and vulnerable in society, including orphans and widows.

It is not possible to know God’s heart of love and experience this love and remain passive in the face of suffering.

“For I rescued the poor man who cried out for help, and the fatherless child who had no one to support him. The dying man blessed me, and I made the widow’s heart rejoice.” (Job 29:12-13)

#2 Making Righteous and Just Decisions

The second important leadership skill Job developed was making righteous and just decisions.

These decisions reflected his righteous and pure life, and his love of justice. His intimate knowledge of God as a holy and just God had shaped his decision-making.

“I clothed myself in righteousness, and it enveloped me; my just decisions were like a robe and a turban.” (Job 29:14)

#3 Reflecting the Father’s Heart

One aspect of being a godly leader is to reflect the Father’s heart.

This means showing an attitude of care, protection, and meeting need by imitating God, not only to our closest family members and friends but to strangers and the community in a broader sense. This aspect was also present in Job’s life.

“I was a father to the needy, and I examined the case of the stranger.” (Job 29:16)

#4 Fighting Injustice

Job hated injustice, and he was taking active steps to promote justice as a leader.

Knowing intimately our just and righteous God should also bring us to take action toward providing justice when it is in our control.

“I shattered the fangs of the unjust and snatched the prey from his teeth.” (Job 29:17)

#5 Giving Wise Counsel

God’s friendship and intimate fellowship impart godly wisdom and knowledge in our spirits and minds. It makes us capable of giving wise counsel and providing godly vision, instruction, and direction.

People in Job’s community valued highly his advice because it was wise and godly.

“Men listened to me with expectation, waiting silently for my advice. After a word from me, they did not speak again; my speech settled on them like dew.” (Job 29:21-22)

#6 Taking Responsibility as a Leader

One of the most important leadership skills is to take responsibility.

Having fellowship with God enables us to overcome our fears and insecurities and step into our God-given areas of ministry and serve with boldness and enthusiasm.

As God’s friend, Job was not afraid to direct the course and guide his community.

“I directed their course and presided as chief.” (Job 29:25)

#7 Being an Encourager and Comforter

The last leadership skill we see in Job’s life is his ability to be an encourager and comforter in his community.

God, through His Holy Spirit, is our greatest encourager and comforter and we follow in His steps when we freely give what we receive from Him.

“I lived as a king among his troops, like one who comforts those who mourn.” (Job 29:25)

7 Leadership Skills of God’s Friends – Printable

I have prepared a printable of the 7 leadership skills of God’s friends based on Job chapter 29. Click on the image to download it.

God’s Friendship as Basis for Developing Leadership Skills

Job is an inspiring example of a godly leader shaped by cultivating an intimate friendship and fellowship with God.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can follow his example and walk in his steps.

When we make our relationship and fellowship with God our priority and daily focus, we naturally start to exhibit leadership skills and characteristics in our daily interactions by reflecting Jesus’s character more and more.

Our communities need leaders with servants’ hearts who are carriers of God’s love and care.

More Resources to Help You Become God’s Friend and a Godly Leader

If you need more resources to inspire and encourage you in the process of becoming a God’s friend and a godly leader in your sphere of influence, I can highly recommend these books. Check them out. – a great place to read and study Scripture with over 200 versions and 70 languages that you can freely read, research, and reference anywhere.

Transforming Your Thought Life  by Sarah Geringer

Make Up Your Mind: Unlock Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life by Denise Dubois Pass and Michelle Nietert

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Forward: Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow by David Jeremiah

Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud

Dream Big by Bob Goff

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

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Job is an inspiring example of a godly leader shaped by cultivating an intimate friendship and fellowship with God. #Biblestudy #leadership #godlyleader Share on X

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10 Replies to “How to Become Godly Leaders as God’s Friends”

  1. Very interesting insight into becoming godly leaders as God’s friends. I hope that I’m able to let God’s friendship and love shape me as a leader at home, at work, and in family and friendships.

  2. Thank you for the resources and encouragement to become a godly leader. You list some very important ways to grow in faith. The encouragement part is easy for me, but I need more confidence in the area of offering spiritual guidance to others. Thanks for your wise insights.

    1. Thanks a lot, Lisa! Yes, it seems some of these skills are easier to develop than others. But the more we cultivate our friendship with God and let Him transform us, the more of these traits we develop.

  3. What a great perspective on Job! Sometimes we forget what he was before (and after) his suffering. Thank you for this well crafted article to prompt important reflection!

  4. This is such a refreshing message about leadership, friend! I really love #1. Good leaders use their power to help the weak and vulnerable! I often think of how different our world could be if all leaders realized this!

    1. Thanks so much, friend! Yes, being a leader means foremost loving, caring, and taking responsibility for others. Sending hugs!

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